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CouchDB 1.0.2: 3rd is Lucky

You’d assume that the more mature a project gets the less interesting a point release would be. But this doesn’t seem to apply to the NoSQL databases, where with each new release we are seeing new exciting features. Only from this month: Neo4j 1.2, Cassandra 0.7, HBase 0.90.0, and upcoming MongoDB 1.8.

After two attempts to announce CouchDB 1.0.2 back in December, both stopped in a very last moment by issues that the community considered mandatory to fix before the release, today the CouchDB people are finally announcing the availability of CouchDB 1.0.2.

You can find the list of changes in CouchDB 1.0.2 here:

  • Significantly higher read and write throughput against database and view index files.
  • Reduce lengthy stack traces.
  • Allow reduce=false parameter in map-only views.
  • Fix databases forgetting their validation function after compaction.
  • Fix occasional timeout errors after successfully compacting large databases.
  • Fix ocassional error when writing to a database that has just been compacted.
  • Fix occasional timeout errors on systems with slow or heavily loaded IO.
  • Fix for OOME when compactions include documents with many conflicts.
  • Fix for missing attachment compression when MIME types included parameters.
  • Preserve purge metadata during compaction to avoid spurious view rebuilds.
  • Fix spurious conflicts introduced when uploading an attachment after a doc has been in a conflict. See COUCHDB-902 for details.
  • Fix for frequently edited documents in multi-master deployments being duplicated in _changes and _all_docs. See COUCHDDB-968 for details on how to repair.
  • Fix authenticated replication (with HTTP basic auth) of design documents with attachments.
  • Various fixes to make replication more resilient for edge-cases.
  • Don’t trigger view updates when requesting _design/doc/_info.
  • Documents are now sealed before being passed to map functions.
  • Force view compaction failure when duplicated document data exists. When this error is seen in the logs users should rebuild their views from scratch to fix the issue. See COUCHDB-999 for details.

Third attempt is always lucky! Congrats!

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