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MongoDB Ruby Driver Improvements

An intro to the latest MongoDB Ruby driver, featuring:

  • normal (Connection) and replica-set aware connections (ReplSetConnection)

    The ReplSetConnection class is brand new. It has a slightly different API and must be used when connecting to a replica set. To connect, initialize the ReplSetConnection with a set of seed nodes followed by any connection options.

  • allowing reads from slave nodes

    For certain read-heavy applications, it’s useful to distribute the read load to a number of slave nodes, and the driver now facilitates this.

    With :read_secondary => true, the connection will send all reads to an arbitrary secondary node.

  • default setting for safe mode on Connection, DB, and Collection.

  • support for JRuby where it uses a Java based implementation of the BSON library

Original title and link: MongoDB Ruby Driver Improvements (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)