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NoSQL Week In Review 3

It is again time for “NoSQL Week in Review”. There was a bit of delay in getting it out, but this end of the week have brought in a fight I wasn’t anticipating: the snow vs NoSQL (it looks like for at least a day, the snow won, as I had to replace my keyboard with a shovel).

Before presenting the now well known sections of the “NoSQL Week in Review”, allow me to shortly mention a couple of new things from the last week.

We covered for the first time SimpleDB with two articles: one about squeezing the last bit of performance from Simple DB, Loading 1 Billion Rows into Amazon SimpleDB and the second about building a hybrid NoSQL-RDBMS solution: Introducing the Oracle-SimpleDB Hybrid

There have been a couple of unanswered questions in these posts: Questions for the NoSQL Community and InnoDB and NDB are NoSQL databases (?) and I hope that MyNoSQL readers will help answer them.

Another novelty of last week is that for the first time we had two French articles: NoSQL with HBase and Tokyo Tyrant / Tokyo Cabinet, un key-value store à la Japonaise (French). While I couldn’t provide a complete translation, I hope the French readers appreciated them, while for the rest I have tried to provide my notes. Right now I am not sure how this will work going forward as my foreign language knowledge is limited to French only (my apologies to all other non-english speakers for not being able to cover their articles too).

What’s Hot in the NoSQL World

  1. The New Dimension of NoSQL Scalability: Complexity
  2. MongoDB Aggregation Tutorial
  3. Thoughts on NoSQL vs SQL Articles
  4. Cassandra Winning the NoSQL Race… Is It Really?
  5. Presentation: Hadoop and Clojure
  6. A NoSQL “Friendly” RDBMS”
  7. NoSQL with HBase
  8. Notes on Scaling out with Riak and Riak Search Podcast
  9. Questions for the NoSQL Community
  10. Loading 1 Billion Rows into Amazon SimpleDB

To my surprise a post that I find really good — Musings on NoSQL — didn’t make it to the “What’s Hot in the NoSQL World”. Any feedback on why you didn’t like it?

New NoSQL Releases

You can always find more tracked NoSQL releases.

NoSQL Week in Review

Concluding, it looks like we had quite a few posts covering performance and benchmarks. Also, after arguing in Thoughts on NoSQL vs SQL Articles that hybrid solutions can prove to be the right tool for the job, the What’s Hot in the NoSQL World section includes two articles about hybrid solutions: Loading 1 Billion Rows into Amazon SimpleDB and A NoSQL “Friendly” RDBMS”.

Last, but not least, I wanted to let you know about the NoSQL devroom hosted by FOSDEM, the free conference about free/open source software that will take place in Brussels, February 2010. If you have NoSQL topics close to your heart or you want to share your knowledge with other NoSQL people make sure that you are sending your talk proposals until Dec.23rd. You can find more details about it on ☞ NoSQL devroom Talks.

Wish you all a great NoSQL week!