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What Can You Do With YARN and Mesos?

Edward Capriolo asks some very good questions about the use and advantages of Apache Hadoop YARN and Mesos: :

  1. Can a technology like YARN or Mesos be used together with puppet or chef?
    1. What at the best practices when using these two things together?
  2. In YARNs case. How many current software packages can YARN manage outside hadoop?
    1. MPI?
    2. Then what?
  3. Aren’t YARN/Mesos just sneaky forms of devops/noops?
  4. With clusters spinning up and falling on command how do we monitor this environment and guarantee quality of service?
  5. Couldn’t AWS/open stack do this on a more general scale?
  6. Shouldn’t we just all be using solaris zones?

When I first learned about YARN—I still need to get more familiar with Mesos beyond Jay Kreps’s YARN and Mesos comparison—I had a much simpler question: How exactly would you use YARN?

I still don’t have a good answer to my question, but now we have a couple more specific ones. Maybe someone could help us out.

Original title and link: What Can You Do With YARN and Mesos? (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)