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Who Loves Hadoop? Compare the Two Sides

Compare these:

  1. Yahoo and Facebook are among the largest users of Hadoop; others include Amazon, eBay, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Netflix, Twitter, HP, IBM and Apple.

  2. Charles Zedlewski (Cloudera): “Speaking only for Cloudera, four of the top five commercial banks, four of the top five general retailers, four of the top five entertainment companies and all three of the tier-one telecom carriers run Cloudera”

with these:

  1. Brain Christian (Zettaset): “Hadoop may need to be taken out of open source […] The community serves its needs, not the needs of the enterprise”
  2. Steve Wooledge (Teradata Aster): “Hadoop brings great value to organizations, but when people say it is free, it is free like a puppy — it requires some care and feeding”.

Last, but least, please let me know which major infrastructure systems do not require “care and feeding” or “huge piles of money”.

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