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Release: Project Voldemort 0.60, Adds AdminClient, Interpolation search, LZf Compression

I somehow missed the release announcement for Project Voldemort v0.60. I have picked a couple of interesting new additions from the release notes [1]:

  • Admin Client/Server API [2] (nb make sure you are reading the linked article as it provides much more details than the javadoc)
    • extraction of data for backups
    • extraction of all keys
    • bulk loading entries
    • migrating partitions
    • get/update metadata info for selective Nodes
    • used for node rebalancing (still in development)
  • Experimental support for views [3]
  • Interpolation search for read-only stores [4]
  • LZF compression [5]

You can download the new version from GitHub

Jay Kreps had a talk at QCon SF: ☞ Project Voldemort: Scaling Simple Storage At LinkedIn and you can ☞ dowload the slides in PDF format.