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Cassandra Winning the NoSQL Race… Is It Really?

Tony Bain was probably ☞ tricked to think so based on news that Cassandra is used by Digg [1], Twitter [2] etc. To me those are just signs that:

  • Cassandra has finally gathered a community behind it [3]
  • they have identified good or common use cases

Secondly, the NoSQL world is quite wide. Cassandra is a column-oriented store (in the same category: BigTable, Hypertable, HBase), but we also have key-value stores, document stores, graph stores — see [4], [5] and [6] for more details — so saying that it is winning the race is incorrect. So, at best it should be compared with the other column-oriented solution.

Thinking of HBase, we recently learnt [7] that is doing well too, that there are real-life production applications running on it, and that it has seen good performance improvements over the last couple of releases. And as far as I know there is a larger community behind it.

You should also check the HBase vs. Cassandra: NoSQL Battle! article to better understand how they compare and where they differ and also Cassandra Gets (Better) Documentation for some very good references.