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Apache Whirr: Cloud Common Service API


  • A cloud-neutral way to run services. You don’t have to worry about the idiosyncrasies of each provider.
  • A common service API. The details of provisioning are particular to the service.
  • Smart defaults for services. You can get a properly configured system running quickly, while still being able to override settings as needed.

For now, Whirr supports only Hadoop, Cassandra, and Zookeeper on Amazon EC2, but roadmap specify support for both more products and cloud solutions.

While understanding the advantages of abstracting away each cloud custom API, I’m wondering why this project have been started from scratch and not built on top of solution like Chef or Puppet1.

  1. Could anyone please remind me what similar projects are available in Python?  

Original title and link: Apache Whirr: Cloud Common Service API (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)