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Questions for the NoSQL Community

I hear there is a NoSQL questionnaire circulating around. As I couldn’t find the original I tried to rebuild it from ☞ this (nb: the linked article also includes some comments on the questionnaire) and you can find it embedded at the end of this article.

While my feeling is that there is way too much in it, I’d definitely like to see answers to some of its questions:

  • What types are data are NoSQL databases good for?
  • How are NoSQL databases able to handle structured data?
  • What do NoSQL databases do that enables them to handle unstructured data, when relational bases can’t?
  • What problems — such as speed — do organizations experience using relational databases because the databases work only with structured data?
  • What are the technical and marketplace challenges that NoSQL databases face? (Some possible factors: cost, complexity for many users, reliability, computing overhead for system, lack of need or perceived need for the technology by potential users, unfamiliarity with the technology, business model, etc.)

Update: Somehow related, you can read ☞ my comment on this long thread ☞ “NoSQL: Innovation in databases”.

A NoSQL Questionnaire

Below you can find the complete questionnaire.