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Notes on Scaling out with Riak and Riak Search Podcast

The Basho guys, producers of Riak, have published their first podcast covering “Scaling out with Riak and Riak Search”. You can listen to it ☞ here (the podcast has about 12 minutes) or download the mp3 file from ☞ here.

Here are my notes on “Scaling out with Riak and Riak Search”

  • “we are all Google in our own minds”
  • except being or becoming a buzzword, scaling out represents the relationship between costs and associated benefits. It reflects the predictability of costs of getting bigger and going faster
  • scaling out means both up (adding more resources) and down (removing resources)
  • NoSQL solutions should try to provide easier solutions for dealing with spikes (including operational simplicity)

Below you can watch Justin Sheehy’s talk on “riak: Control your data, don’t let it control you”, presented at NoSQL East, Atlanta (45 min):

Presentation slides can be downloaded from ☞ here.