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HBase 0.90.0 Released: Over 1000 Fixes and Improvements

As far as I know this is the first major HBase release since becoming a top level Apache project (this using a new versioning too). Until now I thought that Hadoop 0.21.0 had the longest list of fixes, improvements, and new features, but I guess HBase 0.90.0 tops that with over 1000 tracked tickets.

I bet there are quite a few exciting things among these over 1000 tickets, but for now I’d suggest taking a look at the slides below from HUG11:

From a slides, a quick what’s new in HBase 0.90.0:

  • durability and stability
    • HDFS appends + WAL improvements
  • master rewrite
    • cleanup of master, move region transitions to ZK
  • inter-cluster/inter-DB replication
  • Bloom filters
  • bul loading improvements
  • performance improvements
  • peripheral improvements: REST/Stargate, Shell, Avro,
  • HBaseFSCK

Note: HBase coprocessors are scheduled for 0.92

On a negative side, HBase 0.90.0 doesn’t run with Hadoop 0.21.0 nor with Hadoop TRUNK, the only compatible Hadoop version being 0.20.x. The release notes for HBase 0.90 release candidates are mentioning that HBase will lose data unless running on an Hadoop HDFS 0.20.x that has a durable sync. Though there is a Hadoop branch containing the necessary changes, but you’ll have to build that yourself. Update: see Nicolas’ comment below about Hadoop 0.21 being just a development version.

Congrats to the HBase team for their first release as top Apache project!

I didn’t know about the The Apache HBase book. But I’m eagerly awaiting my copy of Lars George’s HBase: The definitive guide.

Update: the official announcement went out

@ saintstack and @ squarecog

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