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NoSQL Week In Review 2

Welcome to the 2nd “NoSQL week in review”! I’d like to start this post by thanking all the MyNoSQL readers. Even if MyNoSQL is just a few days old, it has already seen quite a few contributions from the readers and the posts here have been spreading around. I would also like to thank Kas Thomas for including MyNoSQL on the list of NoSQL Required Readings — a list that have been popularized by people like Tim Bray, Jonathan Ellis, Patrick Chanezon and many many others.

What’s Hot in NoSQL World

  1. Yet Another Validation for NoSQL World
  2. NoSQL != automatic scalability
  3. SQL or NoSQL? The Conclusion is …
  4. Understanding Amazon Dynamo by Building it in Erlang
  5. Cassandra Gets (Better) Documentation
  6. Interview with Emil Eifrem on Graph Database and Neo4j
  7. Presentation: Hadoop at Yahoo!
  8. Introducing GT.M and M/DB
  9. MongoDB and others, convince me. :-)
  10. NoSQL Libraries: couchquery, redis-textsearch, jsondra

This list is built based on a couple of different metrics: traffic, comments, ratings. And I can tell you that thanks to the MyNoSQL readers it is already starting to look extremely great, confirming something I have mentioned in the first NoSQL week in review: the more readers and contributers the better MyNoSQL will get for everybody. So please do keep on commenting, rating , and spreading the word about MyNoSQL. Your help is highly appreciated!

New NoSQL Releases

Feedback request: Do you find tracking NoSQL releases useful? Is there a different format you’d like to see these updates? Is there something I should be doing differently?

NoSQL Week in Review

And in case you have missed the first part of “NoSQL week in review” you can check it here.

Feedback request

There are a couple of things that I’d really appreciated your feedback on.

  1. Would you like MyNoSQL to continue to track all NoSQL releases? What kind of format would you like such announcements to have?
  2. Would you find useful a page listing all NoSQL projects? What I have in mind is something similar to NoSQL Databases: a page listing all projects, including a short description and useful links.
  3. Would you find useful a monthly NoSQL events page?
  4. Would you find useful a NoSQL libraries page? As far as I can tell there are tons of project and libraries related to NoSQL, so this page would attempt to list as many as possible specifying the NoSQL store, programming language, etc.

    Update: the page is already available: NoSQL Libraries. You can always access it from the right bar menu too.

  5. What is the best moment to publish the NoSQL Week in Review? My suggestion would be Saturdays, so you’ll have the whole weekend for catching up. But in case you have a different preference please do let me know.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you and wishing you all a great NoSQL week!