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HadoopDB: MapReduce and DBMS Hybrid

HadoopDB is a research open source project from Yale University designed with a hybrid architecture combining parallel databases (currently Postgres) with Hadoop systems aiming to help the field of big data analysis.

Unfortunately after the initial announcement, a couple of papers (see Resources and some (small) coverage in the press, I haven’t heard much of it anymore, so I was wondering if HadoopDB got anywhere?

In case you want to help with HadoopDB, the homepage is even listing a job opening:

We have some money to fund a full-time position (“chief hacker”) within the project (located in New Haven, CT). More details can be found ☞ here. To apply, go to the following ☞ website.

This position was open for quite a long time so it is either no interest for it or… who knows.