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Yet Another Validation for NoSQL World

While I like to look at the NoSQL world more from the technical perspective, I find it quite interesting to note that a couple of NoSQL projects are getting financed lately or are starting to look into monetizing their products. This is a somehow another (probably still a bit controversial) validation of NoSQL market and its future.

So, which are these companies or projects?

10gen: MongoDB

10gen, the company behind MongoDB, has already raised 2 rounds of funding amounting for a total of $4.9m. They have also launched in beta the ☞ MongoHQ which is MongoDB-as-a-Service or MongoDB in the cloud.

Update: thanks to the MyNoSQL readers I have found that MongoHQ is not a 10gen product so I added it to the list below.

Neo Technology: neo4j

Neo Technology, the company developing neo4j (you can watch a recent interview with Emil Eifrem about neo4j) has raised in October $2.5m after an initial seed funding from the Swedish government.

Relaxed: CouchDB

Yesterday, TechCrunch has announced that Relaxed, a company having on-board 3 of the CouchDB authors, has raised $2m funding. The money will be used for providing CouchDB support.

Basho Technologies: riak

Basho Technologies has introduced a “pay what you can” enterprise offering for their riak (decentralized key-value store, map/reduce engine, HTTP/JSON query interface) product under the name ☞ Riak EnterpriseDS.

According to Earl Galleher, Basho’s CEO:

When we say pay-what-you-can, we mean it. With this program we hope more interesting Internet startups will get to market with world class infrastructure that allows them to scale cost-effectively.

Last, but not least, I think it is very interesting to note that all these systems are open source, some of them operating under dual licensing.

Update: I just realized I have left out a couple of NoSQL businesses, so here they are. Thanks to the MyNoSQL readers for pointing them out.

commonthread: MongoHQ

MongoHQ is a hosted MongoDB offering from commonthread, so we can probably refer to it as MongoDB-as-a-Service or MongoDB in the cloud. The service is still in beta and I don’t think they have announced yet the pricing.

Cloudant: CouchDB

Cloudant, a Y Combinator startup, is offering CouchDB-as-a-service. Currently the service includes “unlimited everything up to 1GB of storage” and auto-sharding (afaik a missing feature from CouchDB).


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