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Hadoop YARN - Beyond MapReduce

In a conversation with Curt Monash, Arun Murthy (Hortonworks) explains what YARN (aka Hadoop MapReduce 2.0 or MRv2) is about:

YARN, as an aspect of Hadoop, has two major kinds of benefits:

  1. The ability to use programming frameworks other than MapReduce.
  2. Scalability, no matter what programming framework you use.


The central goal of YARN is to clearly separate two things that are unfortunately smushed together in current Hadoop, specifically in (mainly) JobTracker:

  • Monitoring the status of the cluster with respect to which nodes have which resources available. Under YARN, this will be global.
  • Managing the parallelization execution of any specific job. Under YARN, this will be done separately for each job.

Original title and link: Hadoop YARN - Beyond MapReduce (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)