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Cassandra Gets (Better) Documentation

One of the few complains I hear about NoSQL projects is their lack or at least scarceness of documentation. I cannot say that this applies to all of them, but I have to agree that some would massively benefit from having better, more detailed documentation. Not to mention the presence of use cases.

Jonathan Ellis (☞ blog, ☞ @spyced) has started an effort to better document the architectural details of Cassandra. You can check already some of his newly contributed docs general architecture overview, commitlog and SSTable.

But in case you are new to Cassandra I would say that you’ll find the the following readings even more interesting:

Last, but not least, in case you have a Facebook account (who doesn’t these days?) and around 1 hour, you can watch the ☞ Cassandra: Structured Storage System over a P2P Network. James Hamilton has posted his notes about the video ☞ here.