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A Taxonomy of Big Data Sources and Technologies

Jeff Moris1 put together a list of 10 sources and technologies related to Big Data:

  1. Social network profiles
  2. Social influencers
  3. Activity-generated data
  4. Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud applications
  5. Public
  6. Hadoop MapReduce application results
  7. Data warehouse appliances
  8. Columnar/NoSQL data sources
  9. Network and in-stream monitoring technologies
  10. Legacy documents

Kind of a mixed list with one notable omission: big data platforms2 (e.g. DataSift).

  1. Jeff Moris Vice President of Product Marketing at Actuate Corporation, the company behind the popular open source reporting product, BIRT 

  2. Big Data Platforms are different than SaaS and cloud applications as the latter are both the source and processing platform for the data, while the former can process both internal and external data. 

Original title and link: A Taxonomy of Big Data Sources and Technologies (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)