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NoSQL Libraries: couchquery, redis-textsearch, jsondra

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couchquery is a Python library for CouchDB whose purpose is to provide a simple, flexible and dynamic interface for creating, updating and deleting documents and working with views.


Redis::TextSearch - Use Redis to perform text search from any type of class. This gem implements an extremely fast text search using Redis, based on the patterns from James Gray’s lists and sets in Redis post as well as Antirez’s text search gist. You can use it with any type of class, whether it be ActiveRecord, DataMapper, MongoRecord, or even a class having nothing to do with an ORM.

And if we talked about full textsearch, there is also this post: ☞ Full Text Indexing, CouchDB, and Performance (@rgaidot) .


Jsondra is an http and json interface for the Cassandra project. It is written in python using the tornado framework released by Facebook, and uses the lazyboy project as released by Digg for interacting with Cassandra.


There is a very interesting comment from @justinsheehy:

Quickly looked at then discarded Jsondra (HTTP/JSON Cassandra interface) as it uses GET for adds and deletes. That’s not HTTP.

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