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NoSQL Week In Review

Welcome to the first installment of the “NoSQL week in review” series of posts. And I’ll start by letting you know what my plans related to “NoSQL week in review” are. Then I hope that based on your feedback I’ll be able to make it more useful with each new version.

Firstly, the “NoSQL week in review” will contain a quick list of all posts from the previous week. This is meant for those that are too busy to follow the daily updates through the RSS feed or through my Twitter account.

Secondly, my intention is to have a “What’s hot” section in this weekly review. Basically, I’ll take a look at the stats, I’ll check all your comments and also all the ratings you have posted and based on these create a list of the most interesting articles from the last week. The algorithm is not completely clear right now but once you will start posting more comments and ratings things will definitely be easier.

I also hope that in the future there will be some sort of “editorial” piece included in this weekly review. And to make it even more interesting, my intention is to convince you, the readers of MyNoSQL, to send in this “editorial” piece.

While not directly related to the NoSQL week in review, there are a couple of things that I’d like to clarify about MyNoSQL:

  • contributions in forms of articles are more than welcome!
  • if you are only a follower of the NoSQL world, then leads to good articles are welcome. Please send your hints to my twitter account: @al3xandru. In case you are not a Twitter user then you can use my email.
  • please post your comments and/or rate the articles published on MyNoSQL. This feedback will help not only me to identify your preferences, but also all others readers.
  • in case you have any other ideas, suggestions, critiques please send them to me. I promise that I’ll go through each email and learn from it.

And now, on to the first:

NoSQL Week In Review

What’s hot in NoSQL World

  1. pykeydb: key-value tables in python using Redis
  2. No Relation: The Mixed Blessings of Non-Relational Databases
  3. NoSQL: Distributed and Scalable Non-Relational Database Systems
  4. Hypercubes in Hbase
  5. A Benchmark for NoSQL Solutions
  6. What does NoSQL Mean?
  7. An Introduction to Using CouchDB with Django
  8. Release: MongoDB Development Release 1.1.4
  9. HBase vs. Cassandra: NoSQL Battle!
  10. Couchdb: No SQL? No driver? No problem

New NoSQL Releases