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Redis and PHP: What Library to use?

Ori Pekelman discusses in two posts — here and here — the status of the various PHP libraries for Redis:

After looking at all of these I quickly turned to the C extension, Redisent looked nice but did not implement the new unified bulk protocol, and to be true, the code was a bit buggy. The others (Predis, Rediska ) seemed like bloatware, that capture the real essence of PHP (making complicated incoherent APIs) while missing that of Redis (Simple, Fast, Awsomeness).

As you can imagine such a comment generated some reactions and Ori followed up with a (not exactly scientific) benchmark:

Redis PHP Libraries Benchmark

While initially considering 6 PHP libraries (phpredis, Predis, Redis PHP bindings (deprecated), Redisent, Rediska), the benchmark didn’t include Rediska as the library is defining a too custom API for Redis.

Do you have a different experiences with any of these Redis PHP libraries?

Original title and link: Redis and PHP: What Library to use? (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)