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A Benchmark for NoSQL Solutions

Sooner or later every piece of software or programming language gets benchmarked. Some benchmarks are interesting, while others tend to be created to prove that a particular solution is better than all others (vendor benchmarks). Coming up with a fair benchmark is a hard job and trying to analyze a set of heterogenous systems is even more difficult.

K.S. Bhaskar has published a benchmark proposal called ‘3n+1 NoSQL/Key-Value/Schema-Free/Schema-Less Database Benchmark’ that, in his words,

is designed to allow for apples to apples comparisons of NoSQL databases using features that should allow many if not most NoSQL engines to be benchmarked

There have been such proposals before and most probably there will be many more to come.

While writing a quick reference to alternative storages I have tried to put together as many performance results that I could find. Unfortunately that attempt was far from being a success, so seeing this proposal and ☞ people starting to publish their results is a major step forward.

What are your thoughts about NoSQL benchmarks?