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Google Cloud Platform Is the Biggest Deal in IT Since Amazon Launched EC2

Remember what I was writing in the state of Hadoop market about having a second option for on-demand cloud-based Hadoop services? Benjamin Black compares Google Cloud Platform with Amazon services:

  • Cloud Engine is a lot like EC2 & EBS
  • Cloud Storage is a lot like S3
  • Cloud SQL is a lot like RDS
  • Analytics can be used like CloudWatch (and I know of people putting billions of their own data points in Analytics)
  • BigQuery has no AWS equivalent, but maybe you could build it with EMR?
  • PageSpeed has no AWS equivalent

Hadoop and MapR are already listed as possible use cases for Google Cloud Platform.

I don’t think I could write a better conclusion than Black did in his post:

This is big, planetary scale infrastructure. This is cloud legitimized and super-sized. In the words of the prophet: Shit just got real.

Original title and link: Google Cloud Platform Is the Biggest Deal in IT Since Amazon Launched EC2 (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)