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The Near Future of NoSQL databases

Bradford Stephens[1] about the future of data storage solutions, including NoSQL databases:

Q: Do you foresee any consolidation in the near time?

Bradford: I see actually a proliferation of the open source tools.

We’ve got a ton of key-value stores out there, like Cassandra, Voldemort. I have some feeling that people have very specific requirements that they are going to cook up and open source.

In the document databases world I don’t see anything more than MongoDB, CouchDB, and the few of the others.

I do see consolidation happening in the commercial space, because there’s a lot of vendors out there doing very similar things, especially in the commercial data warehousing space.

And I see a ton of growth in areas like geo data — there’s no stack out there for geo data — and managing time series and other data like that.

Complete interview with O’Reilly’s David Sims below:

  1. Bradford Stephens: founder of Drawn to Scale, @LusciousPear  

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