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Big Data Marketplaces: The Future?

I read stories about companies/services like Infochimps or Amazon Public Data Sets and I’m wondering if marketplaces represent the/one future of Big Data[1].

And if that’ll be the case, then I have a couple of concerns related to distribution of big data:

  • who decides/regulates data ownership?

    While you might have granted rights to one company to data, I’m pretty sure that in most cases details like selling for profit have not been agreed upon.

  • who decides/regulates the levels of privacy on the data set?

    As proved by Facebook’s history, privacy has different meanings for different entities. And while some ‘anonymization’ might seem enough at fine grain levels, when talking large data sets things may be completely different.

  • who can quantify and/or guarantee the quality of the data sets?

    Leaving aside the different ‘anonymization’ filters applied to ‘clean data’, there can be other causes leading to lowering the quality of the data. Who can clarify, detail, and measure the quality of such big data sets?

  1. A related story about Infochimps attempt to sell a large set of Twitter data can be read here.  ()

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