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Riak 0.14 Released with MapReduce Enhancements, Cluster and Node Debugging

I’ve been waiting for the first NoSQL release to post the first time in 2011. So thanks to Basho’s announcement of Riak 0.14, myNoSQL is back officially.

Riak 0.14 is featuring those Map/Reduce improvements I’ve already written about[1] and quite a few other interesting features and improvements:

  • Cluster and node debugging: The ability to monitor and debug a running Riak cluster received some substantial enhancements in 0.14.
  • Windowed merges for Bitcask: Bitcask performs periodic merges over all non-active files to compact the space being occupied by old versions of stored data. In certain situations this can cause some memory and CPU spikes on the Riak node where the merge is taking place. To that end, we’ve added the ability to specify when Bitcask will perform merges.
  • Support for HTTPS and multiple HTTP IPs
  • REST API for listing buckets

Complete release notes available here.

  1. As a side note, Kevin Smith, the Basho engineer that presented these enhancements first has moved to work for Heroku.  ()

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