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MapR Hadoop Distribution on Amazon Elastic MapReduce

Another very interesting news for the Hadoop space, this time coming from Amazon and MapR announcing support for the MapR Hadoop distribution on Amazon Elastic MapReduce:

MapR introduces enterprise-focused features for Hadoop such as high availability, data snapshotting, cluster mirroring across AZs, and NFS mounts. Combined with Amazon Elastic MapReduce’s managed Hadoop environment, seamless integration with other AWS services, and hourly pricing with no upfront fees or long-term commitments, Amazon EMR with the MapR Distribution for Hadoop offers customers a powerful tool for generating insights from their data.

Following the logic of the Amazon Relational Database Services which started with MySQL, the most popular and open source database and then added support for the commercial, but also very popular Oracle and SQL Server, what does this announcement tell us? It’s either that Amazon has got a lot of requests for MapR or that some very big AWS customers have mentioned MapR in their talks with Amazon. I go with the second option.

Original title and link: MapR Hadoop Distribution on Amazon Elastic MapReduce (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)