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MongoDB Replica Sets and Sharding Question List

I’m seeing many questions asked[1] about MongoDB replication and sharding, so I thought it might be an idea to try to gather the most interesting ones and submit them to the MongoDB/10gen people to get some answers. So, after reading the documentation on MongoDB replica sets[2] and MongoDB sharding[3], what questions would you want answered?

Please post a comment with your questions and I’ll be adding them to the list. After accumulating a couple of good questions I’ll forward them to MongoDB/10gen people for answers.

To start with, here are a couple from me:

  1. What may be causing replica sets to lag behind the master or become “disconnected” (except network partitions)?
  2. How would one determine the best size of sharding “chunks”?
  3. Is it possible and what would lead to an unbalanced cluster?

What are yours? Feel free to forward it to any friends using MongoDB that are looking into using replica sets and sharding.

Note: I’m not planning to create yet another forum or Q&A site, so I’ll make sure that once we get some answers these will be published in a place where everyone interested will find them easily.

Note: If you are interested in getting answers about other NoSQL database, please let me know and I’ll create the initial list.

  1. Not only on the ☞ MongoDB group, but also on, and blogs  ()
  2. MongoDB replica sets resources  ():
  3. MongoDB sharding resources  ():

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