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NoSQL Resources: NoSQL groups, NoSQL forums, NoSQL blogs

I was forwarded a LinkedIn question asking about NoSQL groups, NoSQL forums, and NoSQL blogs, or simply put places where NoSQL folks are hanging or sites that are tracking the NoSQL movement. So, here is my short list:

NoSQL groups

  1. ☞ LinkedIn NoSQL group (nb: LinkedIn lists over 20 NoSQL groups, but this one is the largest. The second one would be the ☞ Cassandra LinkedIn group).
  2. ☞ NoSQL discussions Google Group

Both are quite low volume though and most of the posts are about promoting external content.

NoSQL Forums

I am not aware of any single place dedicated to NoSQL databases. But you can find NoSQL related topics on ☞ and more technical discussions in Q&A style on ☞

NoSQL Company Blogs

  • Salvatore Sanfilippo (Redis): ☞

    (nb: this is Savaltore’s blog where he posts often about Redis. VMWare doesn’t seem to have a blog dedicated to Redis)

  • Ayende @ Rahien (RavenDB): ☞

    (nb: this is Oren Eini’s blog where he posts often about RavenDB)

  • LinkedIn (Project Voldemort): ☞

    (nb: this is LinkedIn blog and it sometimes (rarely) publishes on Project Voldemort

NoSQL Blogs and Sites (Independent)

NoSQL mailing lists or groups

Each NoSQL database has its own mailing list or group so I’m not going to link those here.

If I’ve forgot any please drop a comment and I’ll update the post correspondingly.

Note: I’ve left out automatic aggregators as these are too many to be listed in here.

Original title and link: NoSQL Resources (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)