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Berkeley DB at Yammer: Application Specific NoSQL Data Stores for Everyone

Even if I’ve been using Berkley DB for over 6 years, I very rarely heard stories about it. This presentation from Yammer tells the story of taking Berkley DB a long way:

In early 2011 Yammer set out to replace an 11 billion row PostgreSQL message delivery database with something a bit more scale-ready. They reached for several databases with which they were familiar, but none proved to be a fit for various reasons. Following in the footsteps of so few before them, they took the wheel of the SS Berkeley DB Java Edition and piloted it into the uncharted waters of horizontal scalability.

In this talk, Ryan will cover Yammer’s journey through log cleaner infested waters, being hijacked on the high seas by the BDB B-tree cache, and their eventual flotilla of a 45 node, 256 partition BDB cluster.

Original title and link: Berkeley DB at Yammer: Application Specific NoSQL Data Stores for Everyone (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)