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Licensing: Could It Be Simpler?

In case you think licensing it’s easy, read this post by Alex Gorbachev explaining how remote mirroring, backup, and cold failover come with their own licensing implications1. My thoughts went from “it’s probably me”, to “this can’t be true”, to “not only will you need an army of people to setup things, but also an army to understand what you need to pay for”.

By the way, I consider licensing as being an important part of the experience of a product. The more complicated it is, the less I feel like trying the product, even if feature-wise it comes close to my requirements.

  1. The post refers to Oracle licensing, but I’d venture to say that you could probably find the same simple licensing system in many other places. 

Original title and link: Licensing: Could It Be Simpler? (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)