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OrientDB New Release Featuring Sync and Async Replication

OrientDB, the document or graph store, has announced a new release, 0.9.24, featuring amongst a few SQL support improvements, synchronous and asynchronous replication.

The complete list of changes can be found ☞ here. The ☞ official announcement is listing the following new features:

  • Support for Clustering with synchronous and asynchronous replication
  • New SQL RANGE keyword: SELECT FROM ... WHERE ... RANGE <from> [,<to>]
  • New SQL LIMIT keyword: SELECT FROM ... WHERE ... LIMIT 20
  • Improved CREATE INDEX command
  • New REMOVE INDEX command
  • New console command INFO CLASS
  • New console command TRUNCATE CLASS and TRUNCATE CLUSTER
  • MRB+Tree now is faster and stable
  • Improved import/export commands
  • Improved JSON compliance
  • Improved TRAVERSE operator with the optional field list to traverse

I’ve contacted Luca Garulli, OrientDB main developer, for more details about the OrientDB replication.

Original title and link: OrientDB New Release Featuring Sync and Async Replication (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)