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Hadoop Market in 2016: $813mil

A new IDC report by Carl Olofson and Dan Vesset puts the Hadoop market in 2016 at $812.8 millions. I don’t know how these numbers are calculated, but it feels like a low estimation. Maybe it’s the open source origin of Hadoop and the price of the Amazon Elastic MapReduce that will keep this market under the billion. Or maybe there are sectors of the market that could not have been included in the estimation.

The other numbers we currently have are from the BigData Market Analysis report by Wikibon which places the pure-players’ revenues at $311mil for 2012 (nb: the pure-player list also includes names that are not directly connected to Hadoop) and the NoSQL market report by Market Research Media placing the NoSQL market at $1.8bn by 20151. Last but not least, based on the Splunk IPO we already know there’s a lot of market interest.

  1. There’s an updated forecast which estimates the NoSQL market at $3.4bn by 2018. While I’m sure Hadoop is included in these estimates without having access to the report it’s difficult to know for how much it accounts.  

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