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ZkFarmer: Tools for Managing Distributed Server Farms Using Apache ZooKeeper


With ZkFarmer, each server registers itself in one or several farms. Thru this registration, hosts can expose arbitrary information about their status.

On the other end, ZkFarmer helps consumers of the farm to maintain a configuration file in sync with the list of hosts registered in the farm with their respective configuration.

In the middle, ZkFarmer helps monitoring and administrative services to easily read and change the configuration of each host.

Currently ZkFarmer provides the following functionality:

  1. Registering ZooKeeper services to one or several farms (joining a farm)
  2. Listing farms and hosts
  3. Read and Write farms content
  4. Farm monitoring
  5. Syncing farm configuration

Original title and link: ZkFarmer: Tools for Managing Distributed Server Farms Using Apache ZooKeeper (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)