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MongoDB Videos from MongoSV

It’s weekend again and so it’s time for some NoSQL videos. For MongoDB fans, 10gen has published ☞ here videos recorded at their latest MongoSV event.

There are two case studies:

  • Jeremy Zawodny (Craigslist): MongoDB and Craigslist’s Data Storage Evolution ☞ video
  • Kenny Gorman (Shutterfly): Sharding Life’s Joy using MongoDB: A Shutterfly Case Study ☞ video

and then a series on various MongoDB aspects:

  • Eliot Horowitz (10gen): Scaling with MongoDB ☞ video
  • Richard Kreuter (10gen): Deployment strategies ☞ video
  • Mathias Stearn (10gen): Administration ☞ video
  • Alvin Richards: Schema Design: Data as documents ☞ video
  • Richard Kreuter (10gen): Indexing and Query Optimizer ☞ video
  • Brendan McAdams (10gen): Map/Reduce, geospatial indexing, and other cool features ☞ video

Original title and link: MongoDB Videos from MongoSV (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)