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Wordnik’s MongoDB Tools

Wordnik has shared their experience running MongoDB for 12 moths and now they are also sharing a set of in-house developed tools for managing MongoDB backups:

  • com.wordnik.system.mongodb.SnapshotUtil: taking backups
  • com.wordnik.system.mongodb.RestoreUtil: operates against either mongodump files or files made with the SnapshotUtil with either uncompressed or compressed bson files. Also supports inclusion/exclusion of files
  • com.wordnik.system.mongodb.IncrementalBackupUtil: queries a master server’s oplog and maintains a set of files which can be replayed against a snapshot of the database
  • com.wordnik.system.mongodb.ReplayUtil: takes a series of files created by the IncrementalBackupUtil and replays them
  • com.wordnik.system.mongodb.ReplicationUtil: tool to replicate from server to server

These can be found on Wordnik ☞ GitHub project.

Original title and link: Wordnik’s MongoDB Tools (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)