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Kobayashi: Historical Data Store with Riak

Speaking about networks, the company monitoring networks, Boundary, is investigating an issue with their historical data storage solution built on top of Riak:

Kobayashi is the name we’ve bestowed upon a new historical data store for streaming data yet to be integrated into the Boundary stack. Every few seconds, a small chunk of the most recent data for each “stream” is remitted to kobayashi for longer-term storage. There are roughly 15-20 of these streams per customer to cover the necessary dimensionality and aggregation periods required by the Boundary dashboard. Kobayashi runs on 9 nodes paired with a riak cluster running on those same 9 nodes.

These days, everytime I’m seeing an investigative monitoring dashboard, I’m thinking of Brendan Gregg’s great system visualizations.

Original title and link: Kobayashi: Historical Data Store with Riak (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)