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CouchApps Marketplace: A (Possible) Future for CouchDB

When I’ve heard the coherent CouchOne’s positioning, the very next thought was of a CouchApps marketplace. Looks like someone already got to it:

Our platform assumes all functionality be placed on top of conversations management framework in a form of CouchApps (well, with a few twists, but CouchApps it is in the bare-bone). We are busy building number of useful apps ourselves, but got to the point where our framework is stable enough to start inviting 3rd party developers to work alongside with us. The apps are expected to cover project management and social life needs of the team.

Essentially, the business model have pivoted to, is the freemium for the core framework, with the marketplace for additional apps. We would host all apps in our runtime wherever possible. The pricing would be subscription-based per project per month per app. The idea is to share revenue with developers, like Apple does it for iOS.

The name of the market place is ☞ Tadagraph, but right now it doesn’t seem to be anything in there. Time will tell if this is one future for CouchDB and CouchApps.

Original title and link: CouchApps Marketplace: A (Possible) Future for CouchDB (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)