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Top 5 Reasons to choose CouchDB

From Bocoup’s Hack Night:

  • CouchDB Stores Data in Documents - CouchDB manages data in the form of JSON documents.
  • Data is Unique and Never Overwritten - when a piece of data is written to a CouchDB document, it will have completely unique identification and will never be overwritten.
  • CouchDB Makes Replication Easy and Efficient - CouchDB databases can replicate from one to another, in a sort of “Master-Master” configuration.  This way, any CouchDB database can accept data as well as replicate that data to any other CouchDB database quickly.
  • Interact With CouchDB Over HTTP Using RESTful - the protocol of CouchDB is RESTful over HTTP.
  • CouchDB Has Own Webserver - Anyone who has messed around with an LAMP system knows that Apache can hog a ton of memory.  Since CouchDB uses has it’s own webserver, you can save a lot of memory by avoiding Apache all together.

Now, the rest of the question is: what are the top 5 reasons for not being able to use CouchDB? Would it be what has been suggested as post 1.0 roadmap and these CouchDB limitations?

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