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SQL or NoSQL: Stop Being Religious

But lot of people asked me why I am part of Zynga database team when there is no MySQL being used […]

As a consultant, I help lot of other companies to scale using NoSQL systems apart from MySQL especially on large data handling; as the data store solution should help to scale the systems to yield the desired results; especially MySQL should be used for typical OLTP workloads and combination of MySQL and NoSQL or any other data warehouse clusters for analytics and/or OLAP workloads by combining with right application and caching components based on the business model and how the data is generated, stored, accessed and processed. ☞ Venu Anuganti

For the majority, technology is just a small part towards the business goals. As engineers, we should stop being religious about our technical fetishes and deliver value.

That doesn’t mean though, we cannot continue having our techy tee parties (read with tons of beers) where we are bashing every other product.

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