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Neo4j 1.2 Milestones

Neo4j has announced the milestones 4 and 5 towards the 1.2 version which is promising quite a few interesting new features:

  • support for High availability scenarios
  • promote the REST API to a core component
  • indexing support in the core API.

And they are delivering!

☞ Beginning with M4, I see there’s an emphasis on the Neo4j REST server. With no false modesty, I’m happy that Neo4j people have started to see what I’ve said (probably too many times before): the REST server is a much better approach than pursuing low level language integrations. And I do have a couple more ideas related to the Neo4j REST server.

The M5 is bringing the first preview of the Neo4j High available cluster. It comes in the form of a single-master/slave setup with automatic master election in case of master failure. The transition to using the Neo4j high available cluster will involve just a different implementation of the GraphDatabaseService.

And that’s not all. ☞ I read that there’s an ongoing effort to completely revamp the documentation, which while not lacking it was kind of barely useful being scattered around the ☞ Neo4j wiki. New home for the docs: ☞ here.

I’m starting to think that the upcoming 1.2 version will be a very important release for Neo4j.

Original title and link: Neo4j 1.2 Milestones (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)