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10Gen, MongoDB Producer, Raises $6.5 in Third Round of Financing

The announcement that 10gen, the company behind MongoDB, raised $6.5 was published on too many places , so I just wanted to drop a couple of comments:

  • when I read “market leader” I always ask myself two questions:
    • by what criteria is the company considered a market leader?. There are numerous way to rank companies in a market and it is essential to understand the criteria used to decide if one is or is not a leader
    • haven’t PR people learned over years that this sound like pure BS
  • funding in the NoSQL market seem to remain very low:
    • it might be that most of the companies in the NoSQL market are service oriented
    • it might just be that’s the standard funding for software companies
  • Sequoia Capital seems to have a track record in identifying successful companies


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