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Apple going Hadoop. Question is: HBase Or Cassandra?

Based on a ☞ job announcement, The Register ☞ writes that Apple is probably considering HBase for their iAds platform. Truth being told, the announcement talks about Hadoop and mentions HBase or Cassandra:

  • Design and build scalable Hadoop based ETL infrastructure.
  • Build modular components in the large volume data movement and management
  • Mentor junior engineers in Hadoop based technologies
  • Experience with high throughput and scaleable applications etc.
  • Designing and implementing systems to processTerabytes to Petabytes of data using Hadoop.
  • Extensive experience with MapReduce, HDFS, Hive, HBase Or Cassandra


Maybe it will be this person’s responsibility to come up with the HBase or Cassandra decision.


Original title and link: Apple going Hadoop. Question is: HBase Or Cassandra? (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)