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The Database Nirvana

Scroll to minute 16:55 of this video to watch Jim Webber explain the benefits of polyglot persistence and how starting (again) the winner-takes-it-all war is just sending us back at least 10 years from the database Nirvana.

We’ve just come from the place where one-size-fits-all and we don’t want to go back there. There is a huge wonderful ecosystem of stores. Pick the right one. Don’t just assume that the one you find the easiest or the one that shouts the loudest is the one you’re going to use. Pick the one that suits your data model.

It doesn’t matter what flavor of relational or NoSQL database you prefer or have experience with or if a small or large database vendor is paying your bills. You really need to get this right as otherwise we’re just going to destroy a lot of valuable options we’ve added to our toolboxes.

Original title and link: The Database Nirvana (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)