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CouchDB Limitations: Impedance Mismatch with CouchDB

Andrew Brehaut contributing to the list of possible CouchDB improvements:

However, despite the ease at which the core logic is able to be implemented, I have run into a number of issues that cause me to be exceedingly hesitant to recommend couch to another developer, or to consider using on another project of my own. There are 4 major points that I will examine in more detail:

  • Limits on querying.
  • Reduce function limits.
  • Decomposing and reusing view logic.
  • Cached views.

Indeed, “decomposing and reusing view logic” seems to be the one that could use some love. I can see a couple of possible improvements:

  • supporting common JS libraries (probably in the form of design document attachments, so they can be replicated)
  • supporting additional data access functions (this might not be the easiest to implement as it would require more bidirectional CouchDB to JS engine communication)
  • supporting ☞ web linking as a simplified/standardized solution for the above

Original title and link: CouchDB Limitations: Impedance Mismatch with CouchDB (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)