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The HBase Roadmap: Where Do We Want HBase to Be in Two Years?

The HBase project management committee:

After further banter, we arrived at list: reliability, operability (insight into the running application, dynamic config. changes, usability improvements that make it easier on a clueful ops), and performance (in this order). It was offered that we are not too bad on performance — especially in 0.94 — and that use cases will drive the performance improvements so focus should be on the first two items in the list. […] To improve reliability, testing has to be better. This has been said repeatedly in the past.

EMC has announced a 1000+ nodes cluster for Apache Hadoop testing, so maybe a similar initiative is needed for HBase too. Considering how many large organizations are using HBase it shouldn’t be difficult to get these resources as long as someone will assume ownership and leadership for it.

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