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The NoSQL Hoopla … What Is NonsenSQL About It?

Dr. C. Mohan’s first post about NoSQL databases:

Having worked in the database field for more than 3 decades with a fair amount of impact on the research and commercial sides of this field (see, it pains me to see the casual way in which some designs have been done and some supposedly new ideas get proposed/implemented. Not enough efforts are being made to relate these proposals to what has been done in the past and benefit from the lessons learnt in the context of RDBMSs. Not everything needs to be done differently just because it is supposedly a very different world now! 

There are evolutionary and revolutionary products. And sometimes changing the perspective and starting from scratch is needed to validate or invalidate new or old time hypothesis. In the world of polyglot persistence there’s space for every solution that solves real problems. As perfect as one product could be it will not be able to address all the needs. The data storage space is not a zero-sum game. Winners don’t take it all.

Original title and link: The NoSQL Hoopla … What Is NonsenSQL About It? (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)