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Hadoop Is the New Tape

John Webster for CNET:

There’s a debate going on within the Hadoop community regarding the need for better responsiveness from Hadoop developers. Known issues with Apache Hadoop need to be addressed more quickly. The user learning curve needs to be concatenated. There are other knocks too. All of which leads some people to believe that Hadoop is merely a bridge to some better, future platform. Me? I’m in the definite maybe camp. I do see an opportunity for Hadoop implementations with applications built on top that would address the user elongated learning curve issue.

Maybe Hadoop is a just a bridge put together with rubber bands, but there’s no way I could say it better than Jeff Darcy:

“The fact that something put together with rubber bands and chewing gum has succeeded so well is validation of the idea that terrific ideas trump mundane implementations. It’s the next step after writing on napkins. Certainly one might hope that the rubber bands and chewing gum will be replaced with custom manufactured belts and industrial adhesives at some point, and I for one find it a bit annoying how the hype has outrun progress toward that goal, but I’ll take something that works with ugly code over something that’s all “industrial strength” only in someone’s head any day…

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