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Couchbase at OMGPOP: Some Clarifications

When I first read the OMGPOP story I wrote the Two Sides of the OMGPOP Cloud and Couchbase Scalability Story. Then came a long conversation with James Phillips of Couchbase. Now we have a better picture of Couchbase’s involvement in OMGPOP scaling success story:

We became aware of our role in their success when they called us to ensure they were employing best practices in planning for growth of their database cluster. As the number of users, games, and drawings grew at an unprecedented rate, they were able to continuously add capacity to the cluster (growing to over 100 servers), while maintaining application performance and with zero application downtime. There was never a performance drop or a single moment when new players couldn’t join the party – even in the face of dying hardware! At one point, a motherboard issue with their selected hardware was taking cluster members down at a frightening pace. Couchbase took even those failures in stride without interrupting game operation or performance.

For the future I hope Couchbase people will remember James Phillips’ promise. Time to moving on now.

Original title and link: Couchbase at OMGPOP: Some Clarifications (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)