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Introducing Databus: LinkedIn's Low Latency Change Data Capture Tool

Great article by Siddharth Anand1 introducing LinkedIn’s Databus: a low latency system used for transferring data between data stores (change data capture system):

Databus offers the following feature:

  • Pub-sub semantics
  • In-commit-order delivery guarantees
  • Commits at the source are grouped by transaction
    • ACID semantics are preserved through the entire pipeline
  • Supports partitioning of streams
    • Ordering guarantees are then per partition
  • Like other messaging systems, offers very low latency consumption for recently-published messages
  • Unlike other messaging systems, offers arbitrarily-long look-back with no impact to the source
  • High Availability and Reliability

The ESB model is well-known, but like NoSQL databases, Databus is specialized in handling specific requirements related to distributed systems and high volume data processing architectures.

  1. Siddharth Anand: senior member of LinkedIn’s Distributed Data Systems team 

Original title and link: Introducing Databus: LinkedIn’s Low Latency Change Data Capture Tool (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)