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Quick Guide to Using Amazon DynamoDB and S3 With Rails

Daniel Lobato Garcia:

One of the hackathons I attended was about deploying a Ruby app that pushes to and retrieves records from DynamoDB, and uploading photos to S3. It involves several steps but thanks to Trevor Rowe (author of AWS SDK for Ruby) who helped me, I finally succeeded and created a implementation that works pretty nicely. […] I included some information on how you could replicate this functionality on your Rails app in this Github repository.

Just a very basic guide to how to use Amazon SDK for Ruby in a Rails app. Or as one Hacker News commenter said:

I’m not sure, but from reading the article this feels more like AWS-SDK’s seamless integration with Rails rather than Rails’ seamless integration with DynamoDB & S3. Please correct me if I misunderstood.

Original title and link: Quick Guide to Using Amazon DynamoDB and S3 With Rails (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)